Michael & Vashty Delgado

Senior Pastor

Pastor Michael Delgado was born in Detroit, MI and relocated to Southern California where his father was employed by NASA’s, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Michael is a 14 year Veteran of the United States Navy and served in the Military Law Enforcement branch as a Naval Criminal Investigator. His military and law enforcement aspirations dramatically changed when he experienced a life changing encounter with the Lord that altered his direction and purpose in life. In 1988, Michael attended Christian Life College in Stockton, California and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology. Michael also served as a Stockton Police Chaplain from 1997-2016; in addition to serving as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse.

Mrs. Vashty Delgado was born and raised in Long Island, NY and had dreams of working as a Fashion Merchandiser in New York City. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in the Garment District as the assistant to the Executive Sales Associate at High Point Knitting. Although Vashty was raised around her family’s Hindu beliefs as well as other forms of Christianity, the Lord began to lead her away from religion and into a relationship with Him. Her new experience changed her life’s mission and directed her to attend Christian Life College where she graduated with her degree in Biblical Studies. Vashty has been privileged to speak at women’s conferences and retreats across the country and has led the Women’s Ministry for several years. She works alongside her husband in various capacities as well as provides pastoral counseling for women of all ages.

Michael and Vashty were married in 1991 and are the proud parents of three children (Mike, Alex and Analiese). Upon graduating from Christian Life College, Michael accepted a position as an Associate Pastor with Christian Life Center under the leadership of the late Bishop Kenneth and Sis Joy Haney. Bishop Haney’s vision was always focused on reaching people for the Lord and in 1995 he encouraged the Delgados to start a branch church on the Southside of Stockton. Five years later, the branch work became autonomous with Bishop Haney’s blessings and guidance.

In 2014, Lighthouse purchased their new church and educational facilities which is located on 5 acres in Central Stockton. It continues to be a ministry that is focused on leading people to Jesus and helping them find purpose in serving Him. The mission of Lighthouse is that no matter where a person comes from in life, they can “Experience Real Hope”.