Our Ministry Staff

Michael & Vashty Delgado

Senior Pastor

Pastor Michael Delgado & First Lady Vashty Delgado have served as church leaders since 1995. They are passionate in working towards the mission of Lighthouse of the Valley to help people "Experience Real Hope".

Adolfo & Rosalinda Maldonado

Spanish Ministry Pastor

The Maldonados have been part of the Lighthouse Family since 1996 and have faithfully served in ministries such as Outreach, Teaching Home Bible Studies, Children's Ministry and Discipleship. Since 2000, they have led the Spanish Ministry outreach and host services, bible studies, and events in Spanish.

James & Janelle Williams

Music Ministers

James & Janelle have served as Music Ministers at Lighthouse of the Valley since 1999. Together they oversee all segments of the music department and believe in the power of unity and teamwork.

Dr. Marlon & Genessa Gayle

Associate Pastor

As a team, the Gayles oversee the Foreign Missions Department as well as pastors in care of the “Jesus for Life” Student Ministries. They are passionate about the theme expressed clearly in the Bible that our purpose is to love God and love people.

Matthew & Silvia Maldonado

Youth Pastors

Matthew Maldonado has been a part of Lighthouse of the Valley since 1996 and has experienced the Lighthouse growth process. Matthew and Silvia were married in 2009. Together, they have worked primarily with our Spanish ministry, along with assisting our youth and music ministries.

Linda Salazar


Linda Salazar has been a member of Lighthouse of the Valley since 2000. Linda possesses interest and skill in all things creative. Her natural ability to organize and execute all areas of an event has proven she is a gifted leader. Linda has been blessed with talents in the areas of music, media, drama and preaching.

Joe & Carole Pinnell

Marries' Ministry Pastor

Together, the Pinnell’s are the Directors of the Marrieds’ Ministry. They love people and know that God’s desire for married couples is to have a strong marriage, with a foundation of Biblical principles. They believe marriage provides an opportunity for two individuals to form a partnership where they can pursue God’s will as a unit.

Mark & Mechelle Wilkes

Lighthouse of the Bay Pastor

Mark and Mechelle have been members of Lighthouse of the Valley since 1995. They have a heartbeat for reaching people which has driven them to be active in outreach ministries and community service endeavors.
Their joint passion led them to the city of Oakland, California where they began a daughter church; Lighthouse of the Bay.

Randy & Alona Gallegos

Lighthouse of Maui Pastor

The Gallegos served in various ministries which included, but is not limited to Youth Pastor, Music Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Spanish Ministry. Randy is an Ordained Minister under Lighthouse of the Valley Ministries, and currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse of Maui (a daughter church of L.O.V.).

Cindy T'Souvas

Office Manager

Cindy has been a member of Lighthouse since 1998, she has helped in the children’s department, served as event planner for various retreats, and is currently the marketing director for the church. Within her role as Office Manager, she works closely alongside the Delgados and assists with the business operations of the church.