Single Adult Ministry

Ministry Overview

This Lighthouse of the Valley ministry (S.A.M) Single Adult Ministry, will provide education, growth, care and fellowship that is focused around the unique lives and life situations of the Single Adult. (31yrs +)
Single Adult: interpersonal status, a Single Adult person is someone who is not in a relationship, or is "unmarried"
Our Focus: Single Adults, Never Marrieds, Divorcees, Widows/widowers, Single Parents, Grandparents

Single Adult Conference - August 19, 2023

We are having a single adult conference at Lighthouse of the Valley on August 19 from 9:30AM to 3:00PM. For more information, click the link below.

Our Ministry Leaders

Minister Ian McGill

Sis Natalie Donnell

UPCI SAM National Singles Conference 2022

General Session - "What Are You Thinking?"

Speaker: General Superintendent David Bernard

General Session - "Turn Right on Red"

Speaker: Dr. Brenda Bryant

General Session - "Growth"

Speaker: Dr. Kristen Keller